At Rays Together, We Believe That Everything We Do Can And Should Lead To A Positive Impact

As a mission first organization, the planet and the people we serve are at the core of our business model. We are continuously growing and selectively picking partners based on their missions, values, and supply chain standards to ensure we are staying true to our purpose.


Sustainability is a value

We focus on providing products that are made from natural resources, result in minimum waste, and are of the highest quality. Our partners are committed to upholding high standards for their supply chains and product manufacturing. Our team curates and designs products that are versatile, transitional, and durable- good for both the planet and the people. From ensuring workers are paid fair wages to fighting for gender equity, we care each step of the way.


Empowerment is a value

We are committed to empowering and uplifting low income communities by giving back socially and economically. By promoting brands that stand for fair wages and labor practices, we continue to contribute to the growth and development of artisans in low income communities.


Community is a value

We are stronger together. We focus on bringing together communities that are committed to driving change so we can leverage our skills, knowledge, and resources to grow better. It takes a village to drive sustainable change and at Rays Together we want to bring together all social impact leaders within the ecosystem that can help us do so.


Transparency is a value

We’re in this together. By being open about who we’re partnering with and the direct impact we’re making, we aim to promote being more socially, environmentally, and economically conscious. Before aligning with an organization or brand, we vet their mission and practices to make sure they will contribute to the Rays Together movement. We are committed to growing and keeping you up-to-date.

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