Authentic handmade products like these aesthetic cotton cushion covers can make your home decor more authentic. These beautifully crafted they come in a dimension of 16 x 16 in and are made of 100% pure cotton. Adding to the beauty, our craftsmen have used the beautiful technique of embroidery. Embroidery is an ancient craft that originated ages back. Make these exotic handmade cushion covers a part of your home decor now! 100% pure cotton fabric used in the embroidered cushion covers have added immensely to the overall look and feel of them.

The smooth and soft feel of the cushion cover fabric comes from the high-quality cotton used in it. 100% pure cotton makes them easy to use and makes them extremely washable. You can wash them every once in a while and they will be ready as new. You don't have to put an extra effort to clean these cotton cushion covers. Just a simple wash with detergent will do the work. The embroidery done on the cushion covers is extremely intricate and precise.

Product Specifications

- Size 16in x 16in.

- Fabric: 100% Cotton 

Wash & Care

- Hand wash separately due to the use of natural ecofriendly dyes.

Artisan Sabhaiben Punraj

Sabhaiben is a leader in the making, who has been with Okhai for last 12 years. Her work includes organising fabric from the OST and then getting them to the Okhai centre, where kits are prepared. She then ensures that the kits reach the SHG members who work from home.

She says, "Finishing my household chores, I head to OST and collect the fabric to be worked upon. They are brought to the Okhai centre where I make kits out of them which include thread and any other material that our designers might require. Then I head to the villages carrying these kits and delivering them to Okhai members and also collecting their previous assignments. For every kit deposited and collected, these women have to sign against in the bill book and that helps me update and maintain my record at the end of the day when I reach back at OST." Her work also involves explaining to every member the designs expected, the quality parameters and the importance of meeting delivery times, etc. She also counsels new members on the benefits of joining the Okhai programme.

She comes across as timid, but the clarity and confidence in her speech shows her to be one of the best orators at Okhai and she credits her work for this positive change in her. She is proud of the fact that she earns money and assists her family with the household expenditure. Sabhaiben believes in sharing and has taught her skills to many new members at Okhai.


Okhai offers handcrafted apparel and lifestyle products created by rural artisans from across India. These artisans are gifted with the talent and traditional skills to craft exquisite designs in styles that are unique to their culture and heritage. Proceeds from sales help these artisans help themselves.

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