In the Okhamandal region of Gujarat many tribal women are trained and highly skilled in embroidery, bead work, patchwork etc. However, due to societal barriers of women working away from home they had significant issues stemming from economic development, financial independence, and societal respect.


Okhai started by employing the rural women of Okhamandal to provide them with a source of livelihood. They were able to earn for themselves and their families. The economic empowerment of women was a precursor to their social empowerment helping improve their status both socially and economically.


Okhai has changed the lives of 470 rural families averaging 3,200 people. Providing above fare wages and giving them the opportunity to work from their homes. The Okhai women are now agents of change in their villages. They have become financially independent, more self-confident, and gained respect in their villages.

Key Causes

Economic development
Empowering women
Fighting poverty

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