Aahana is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which supports organizations in India to provide the tools and resources to youth within their own rural communities to address economic, social, health, and education inequalities.

Funded Program

COVID-19 Rural Bihar Crisis Relief

COVID-19 crisis relief program is to increase community based vaccinations across 18 villages in rural Bihar and provide medical resources to local hospitals and clinics. They’re approach is to monetarily incentivize daily wage workers by giving 500 rupees and facilitating and coordinating vaccination appointments, travel, and providing food rations to their families for a days of missed work. The goal is to increase vaccination in small rural communities amongst eligible populations, create advocates within those communities to encourage others to continue getting vaccinated via their economic incentive program.


Rural bihar is one of the poorest states in India with COVID cases increasing and going unaccounted for due to lack of awareness, access to vaccination, and medical supplies necessary to care for patients


Aahana & Project Potential are reducing the spread and death of COVID-19 by maximizing vaccination in rural Bihar for people aged 45+. Overcome access and work barriers by providing food rations, setting up vaccination appointments, and providing medical resources as needed


There impact to date is ~26,000 vaccinations have been dispensed, ~1500 rations have been distributed to rural families, 180 oxygen concentrators, and ~2750 medical supplies and resources in hospitals and clinics

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